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The scientific meetings are the occasion to gather, on one day, the different members of the Western pole. On this day, researchers, lecturers, post-docs and PhD students are invited to participate.

Priority is given to presentations from the younger members (PhD students, post-docs). Two plenary conference are also given, either by recently recruited researchers/lecturers from the pole, or by external personalities.

Scientific day 2021

The 2021 edition was held in presence at Rennes (ISCR, Univ. Rennes 1), on the 25 of October 2021, starting from 9:30 am.

Organising team: K. Costuas, A. Fihey (ISCR, Rennes)

List of attendees:

1Arnaud FiheyRennesCTI (ISCR)
2Adèle LaurentNantesCEISAM
3Andrey KalinichevNantesSubatech - IMT-Atlantique
4Denis JacqueminNantesCEISAM
5Chris EwelsNantesIMN
6Boris Le GuennicRennesCTI (ISCR)
7Jacky EvenRennesfoton
8Camille LatoucheNantesIMN - MIOPS
9Francois LiqueRennesIPR
10Karine CostuasRennesCTI (ISCR)
11Hind BenzidiRennesFOTON-OHM
12Iryna KnyshNantesCEISAM
13Nicolas GallandNantesCEISAM
14Théo CavignacNantesIMN - MIOPS
15Mehdi BenmameriLimogesIPPRITT INSERM
16Gabin FabreLimogesIPPRITT INSERM
17Ágota TóthLimogesIPPRITT INSERM
18Mélissa LonguetPoitiersC2MP-- Équipe E4
19Richail Dubien MOULANDOU-KOUMBAPoitiersIC2MP-E4/Chimie Théorique Appliquée
20Frédéric GuéganPoitiersIC2MP-E4/Chimie Théorique Appliquée
21Thibault YssartierNantesCEISAM
22Morgane VacherNantesCEISAM
23Rudraditya SARKARNantesCEISAM
24Alexandra VielRennesIPR
25David VincentRennesCTI (ISCR)
26Isabella MerrittNantesCEISAM
27Angelika JanaszkiewiczLimogesIPPRITT INSERM
28Mohammad ASADNantesCEISAM
29Zakaria BouchouirebNantesCEISAM
30Serigne SARRNantesCEISAM
31Jean-Yves SaillardRennesCTI (ISCR)
32Nina TyminskaRennesCTI (ISCR)
33Xavier RocquefelteRennesCTI (ISCR)
34Isabelle BraemsNantesID2M/IMN
36Corentin PoidevinRennesCTI (ISCR)
37Rémi MauriceRennesCTI (ISCR)
38Maxime GrasserRennesCTI (ISCR)
39Pooja BaseraRennesFOTON INSA
40Tan NguyenRennesCTI (ISCR)
41Bruno CuccoRennesCTI (ISCR)
42Léo La DroitteRennesCTI (ISCR)
43Marving MartinLimogesIPPRITT INSERM
44Benjamin ChantemargueLimogesInSiliBio
45claudine katanRennesCTI (ISCR)
46Boubacar TraoreRennesCTI (ISCR)
47Hamissou MohamanNantesCEISAM
48Bienlo Flora ZERBORennesFOTON – OHM
49Stephane TeletcheaNantesUFIP
50Guillaume BaudessonNantesIMN
51Gilles FrapperPoitiersIC2MP-E4/Chimie Théorique Appliquée
52Vincent DelmasNantesCEISAM
53GeorgesRennesCTI (ISCR)
54Yann ClaveauNantesIMN - PMN
55Ashanti BergonzoniRennesFOTON
56Jean-Yves LeQuestelNantesCEISAM

Programs of past editions:

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